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Marketing Communications / Event Production / Brand & Advertising Services / Web Design / Web Marketing / Graphic Design

I design things and deliver big creative, competitive ideas.

Event Production
WEB Production
With imagination and skill, the latest technology, and a passion for excellence, I create innovative event solutions, anywhere your events take you. I promise you've never seen solutions like I do.
Spearheading your brand’s digital transformation through thoughtful design, a personalized customer experience, and employing innovative technology focused on online marketing success.
I communicate your brand messaging through appealing visuals to ensure your content demands attention. Also as a strategy, creative and technology expert, I embrace new ways of thinking in our approach to serve my clients' interests.

01 / ABOUT

I am a creative director. I manage shows, events, conventions, web design, and graphics.

Made in Japan, Shipped to the States. Involved in Marketing Communications for 10 years.
Started a professional career in Tokyo in 2012. After the 2-year experience, it's been 10+ years in the U.S.


Event Production
・Stage Cue Sheet Creation
・Event Operation Manual Creation
・Equipment & Fixture Management
・Staffing & Production Management
Show Calling
・Stage Assembly
・Tech Staff Management
・Audio Equipment Management
・Show Technical Operation
Convention Booth Management
・Booth Rendering Design
・Booth Assembly
・Staff Management
・Equipment Management
Web Design & Marketing
・HTML, CSS, JavaScript
・WordPress, Shopify
・SEO Structure Building
・Listing Ads, Social Media Ads
Graphic Design
・Photoshop, Illustrator
・Flyer, Poster Design
・Digital Signage Content Design
・Logo Design
Brand Strategy Building
・Advertising Strategy Building
・Marketing Structure Planning
・Business Consulting
・Market Research

02 / WORKS

Projects done
Years of Experience

Commitment to the highest quality production standards, broad expertise, and a genuine strive to help clients have secured strategic cooperation with market-leading companies in many sectors and regions.

Parallax_Kazuma Sonoda Portfolio

Committed to providing best-in-class
strategic and creative services

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